How To Use Mysore Saree Udyog Vendor Management System:


  • Fill online registration form

Wait for your account to be activated by MSU admin

( if not done within 1 working day) please contact  us on: or +91 80 4969 2700

How to Use :

  • After Activation, Sign In on your designated system for VMS.
  • It will ask for Authenticate the system and the Browser used.
  • Click on Authenticate Button.
  • It will ask for Authentication Password (which is sent through a mail to the Authentication E-Mail id). Please put the same.
  • This Authentication will be done once for Each system and Browser used for VMS Website.

Note :

  • Every device/computer/smart phone for Each Browser used will require separate authentication.
  • You may be required to periodically re-authenticate your device for security
  • Use only company owned email ids & passwords for security of your account

Supply MSU Approved Goods:

  • Once Signed in, It will Open the Address Book Page if Address not filled up else it will Open Directly the MSU Approved List Page. (Physically put aside the available goods after due quality checks)
  • Click on "Add to Supply Cart" Button   

              (this button will appear only for msu approved goods, Complete Adding all the goods ready for supply from your end )

  • Clicking On "Add to Supply Cart" Button will put a Black Border on the Button for the item.
  • Click On "Save and Finish Button" at Top and Bottom of the Page or as Floating Header.
  • It will Create the Supply Order for the items taken into Cart.
  • Submit Shipping/Courier details Once consignment/parcel is sent/shipped.

(This can be done from supply order success page instantly or later from

          1. From Account dashboard> My Supply Orders > edit enter details in shipping details box and submit

          2. From My Order Page by Clicking on SUPPLIED ORDER Link in the Header Panel

IMPORTANT : please pack goods as per supply order created for faster processing.

Upload New Products for Sale & Approval to MSU

  • Click on “  New Product Upload “ link on header
  • Click on “ Select Image” 
  • Click on “Upload” – wait for image to get uploaded
  • Fill in all the rest of the fields
  • Click “ save” or “ save& continue”

Tips :

  • Camera settings : keep image size below 800 kb for speed , preferably shot in landscape mode ( ratio 4: 3), image quality = normal, take sharp clear pictures in a brightly lit room with diffused white light without flash OR in daylight
  • Choose image file from any folder where you have stored your product image
  • For smart phone you can DIRECTLY TAKE A PICTURE FROM YOUR PHONE OR choose image
  • You can upload more than one image view for same product repeating” select image” and “upload”


 Do faster uploads  with “Save and Continue”  for multiple uploads for products with identical  price & features by uploading a new  image for each piece


You can also take a group picture of products with same price/features and upload only once.

Recommend previously Supplied goods for reorder

  • Use the various filter & sort options to recommend fast selling products to MSU for Re order
  • The default “reorder price” will be the last supplied price, you may change the same if you wish.
  • Click on the “ add to List “ button this will add the product to your recommendations to MSU for Purchase.

Clear Old/Dead Stocks by Offering a discount:

  • Filter products on listing page by “ Dead Stock List” or any other filter you may choose for instock products.
  • Enter discount amount you wish to offer in the “ Dead Stock Discount” box and click "Add to Discount Cart" Button next to that ( this button will be disabled if discount has already be allowed on a product)
  • After adding as many products as you want similarly for discount.
  • Click On "Save and Finish Button" at Top and Bottom of the Page or as Floating Header.
  • It will Create a Discounted Order for the Items Selected.
  • MSU will apply the extra discount given and pass on the same to the customer and Clear this stock.
  • MSU accounts will debit the same to your account.



  • You can do separate operations for different Items at the same time and click on "Save & Finish", it will do the needful accordingly. (Like for 2 Items, select "Add to Supply Cart", for Another 2-3, select "Add to Discount Cart" and for Another 2-3, select "Unable to Supply" and etc.. After Clicking on "Save & Finish" Button, it will create the One Supplied Order and One Discounted order as per selection.
  • By Anyway, if you have clicked on "Save & Continue" Button then Move to "Supply Cart" and Click on "Create Supply Order" if any item is lying there. Again move to "Discounted Cart" and Click on "Create Discounted Order" if any item is lying there.


  • Add to compare – allow you to compare products selected
  •  Add to dead stock list
  •  Add to reject list if unable to supply or any other reason
  •  Removes from supply cart and adds to reject / unable to supply list
  •  Removes from supply cart and adds to supply later list.
  • Access your account dashboard and login/logout